LA For 24 hours


This past Sunday all of the stars aligned and I was able to make it to my first Meet Your Tall Sisters event in Los Angeles. I first heard of these event about 2 years ago and have been trying to find my way to one ever since… Since there isn’t on in Arizona yet!! wink wink.

It was a really fun weekend trip I took my classmate Vivian who is a foreign exchange student from Germany. It was her first time in California. Luckily Arizona is so close that its easy to go in a weekend. However, it is IMPOSSIBLE to see even an quater of what southern California has to offer in less than 24 hours. Mostly because you’re sitting in traffic for about an hour at a time. OK! Im exaggerating but needless to say we only crossed a handful of items off her bucket list. We will have to make another trip before she heads back to Germany.

Im not sure if FlixBus has hit the rest of the US yet. But it’s a very convenient, inexpensive way to get around the west coast and comes in handy for quick get aways. We stayed in a cute boutique hotel in Venice Beach, went to the beach (her first time), met some neat people ( and very inspiring tall women) went to the Santa Monica pier and visited LACMA. All in all it was a fun weekend.


Vivian picked this outfit out and a number of women at brunch commented on it, so I though I’d put the links up to score something similar.


This top is actually from Long Tall Sally’s Curatd collection but I believe it is sold out, check below for something similar

IMG_0065.jpg USA