Year of the Chameleon: 2018



Whats your theme for 2018? Im dubbing mine The Year Of The Chameleon. Im not much of a "resolution" girl but I do work to be a better human each year. New Years resolutions get a bad rep with the pressure to make them and even bigger pressure to follow through with them. I more so look at them as goals. I write down a number of goals for a sense of direction.

2017 was... well... Its over so lets move on. Really it was pretty amazing in many ways and such a year of growth, awareness, and WORK WORK WORK. Needless to say I'm really excited about 2018. I want to go into 2018 with the willingness to try and possibly fail.

This is the year of the Chameleon because Im choosing to slow down, find balance, and transform. I want to always have something to offer and be able to give my energy to the right circumstances and people. Style wise this is the year of feeding all my characters; the athlete, the girl, the tomboy. Im challenging myself to wear everything in my closet. If I choose not to wear it I am committing to donating or consigning it. 2018 is the gateway to all the many shades of ME; the artist and the athlete and everything in between.

Heres to a year of living beautifully, dreaming passionately and loving completely.

With Love


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