Spring Renewal X LTSxCURATD

Happy Friday Everyone!

I love spring... well, I love summer more but I think there is something about the "spring renewal" that gets me so hype for summer. Spring is all about growth, envisioning goals, planning and taking action. Maybe it's just me but I feel an extra amount of motivation to be creative and experience new things. This is a high time to believe in yourself, kick the self doubt and see the beauty in everything that you are.

It's always easier said than done to let go of the old and make room for the new. When it boils down to my motivation to move forward, and the ability to silence distractions there is always the same common denominator; the looming cloud of self doubt and fear. However, struggles are struggles and you can't go through life without them. You can't avoid all the failures, but you can always choose to be brave and go for what scares you .

step out and take the action on who you want to be... You don’t get to opt out of ‘the hard’ but you do get to choose your hard.
— Andy Frisella

On that note, who's ready for florals, festival season, warm weather and going for everything that you want. Spring has got me motivated. 

I love these pieces by LTSxCuratd. Perfect for spring and the festival season that is upon us. This top with the attached neck scarf levels up any casual outfit; instant style points. 

What do you love about spring?

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