Taller and Stronger

Hey my long-legged sister in activewear!

As a part of the #tallerandstronger campaign by Long Tall Sally X MPG’s new line of activewear I’m sharing with you a quote for what keeps me motivated and on track for a healthy and fit 2017. Initially I wanted to come up with something clever and “deep” and of course very motivating. After zero thought and immediately running to the internet for some motivational inspo to share, I took a step back and asked myself, “what do you say to yourself to go harder, push out that extra set, and to attempt something i’ve never done before?”

Right away I had my answer. “JUST TRY”.

It seems so simplistic but the truth is, the biggest goals can be divided into small, bits. And those small bits? All you need to do to conquer those is to just try!

Everyday, that is what I tell myself. I wouldn’t be where I am or capable of the things I am able to do if I never “just tried”. Too often we focus on where we are and how far we have to go to be where we want to be. It is always just the very next step you have to take that will set you in motion to reach your goal. You only achieve more when you TRY in the present moment, you have to move past your comfort zone and do those things that scare you a little to get where you want to go.

No one is asking you to be a transformed person in one day! Everyday you just have to take the NEXT step in the direction of your goals.

Momentum is vital - it propels us to achieve our wildest goals. But to gain momentum, you of course need to start somewhere. It’s not always going to be perfect and amazing the first time - that’s what makes it such an art! You’re your own masterpiece, and completing you is a slow, delicate, and fulfilling process! Now all you need is a bit of willpower, and some solid support never hurt.

That support can come in a variety of things, sometimes wardrobe! I am super excited about LTS new activewear line, because it’s the first activewear I have had that is specific to tall women, I don’t have to sacrifice waist size for length. Or have to worry about the sleeve or leg length being too short. LTS has done a great job for catering to the tall frame without sacrificing style.

As an athlete and someone who treats lycra as a second skin, this is true activewear that can do the job. The leggings are a great weight, NOT see through (they pass the squat test) This top is long enough with flattering side slits and my favorite high cut neckline.

At the end of the day, this isn’t just for looks this activewear is ready to get sweaty and work toward those goals.

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