Looking Fly to Fly

Hey guys! 

I'm off again for weekend 2 of 3 weekends of travel and I'm hitting the Sky in some TALL travel leisure. Tall joggers? YES PLEASE.

Airports can be fun - that is if lines don’t bother you, you have zero luggage to carry, and keeping a position for hours doesn't irk you (we've all been suckered into the middle seat). They’re not actual hell, but you can be in a better state of comfort. That is probably why being in the most comfortable clothes for me helps the process.

With all the dressing and undressing you do in the security line I like to keep it as simple and basic as possible, even paring this style with a denim jacket. While traveling its all about layers! What's the weather like where you're leaving and where you're headed, just some of the things to keep in mind while hitting the sky. 

So here’s my take on balancing comfort and aesthetic. 

On Wyatt: