Hiatus Is Over

I'm Baaaaaaack,

I also took this time to dedicate to a very exciting project that I will be sharing very soon, in the coming months I will need all of your help:)

Lets talk about this outfit:

Have you actually ever seen me wear shorts??? The answer in NO, I flipped back through many of my old posts and realized I may have shown my legs MAYBE one other time. My legs make up more than half my body and I never show them. 

I used to be self conscious of my legs for a few reasons. Growing up all of my shorts appeared much shorter than other girls because my legs were so long, I used to get embarrassed when people would point this out. I also can remember times when I was sent to the principles office and having to change into oversized boys uniform shorts because my uniform was "too short" (we all wore the same uniform).

After traveling far and wide during the month of May I took a bit of an unintentional hiatus. The body knows when it hits it's limits with training, traveling and everything else life throws its way . It's always necessary to cut away time for yourself.

In May I was in LA, China, and Minneapolis all the while training and working. But HELLO, why are we still talking about May. Life has finally settled back into a steady rhythm. It's so important to check yourself from time to time and do a personal inventory of actions you have taken, decision you've made, lessons you've learned, and are you being kind to yourself. I like these short and sweet hiatuses but I have missed you.

In high school I was in a car accident that left me with some scrapes and bruises and a nasty scar on my shin that resembled a hole and was very dark. I hated it! It's nearly invisible now, but I guess when you're in high school small things like scars are a big deal and I didn't like to explain it.  

I stopped bothering trying to find shorts to fit me when I transitioned from ballet to volleyball. The size of my legs grew so much so fast nothing ever fit. The size didn't bother me, I just lost interest in trying to find shorts that could cover them. Between those days and now I've accumulated many more scars mostly surgical ones that I am proud of, and my legs are even bigger now than they were then. 

These scars and muscles are a product of who I am and what I have endured.

Life is short, my shorts are too, ... So, just wear the shorts :)

On Wyatt:

The shorts are from ASOS TALL and the top is from a small boutique in Arizona.