Desert Flower


I don't call this section "Tall Styles" for no reason. I am 6'3 regardless of how I appear in photos. Its important to me to be able to speak to my fellow tall girls when it comes to options in dressing. I grew up during a time when there were fewer brands coming to tall girls rescue. It's a great feeling of not having to settle with clothes that "somewhat" fit, when there are brands like Long Tall Sally. 

Pictured above ladies is what we call a maxi dress that is long enough, it's a rare sighting I know!!!  

Spring is in the air, and nothing says spring like flowers in bloom. I have to admit I'm not one to wear many flower patterns, I usually stick to solids. Heck I don't even wear dresses that often, you know my go-to is activewear. But, I couldn't resist a beautiful design and maxi that fits! Just in time for festival season, CURATD x LTS have created a beautiful collection of flowy embroidered pieces that channel your bohemian spirit. The collection will take you well into summer. I am very happy with the fit of this dress, its perfect for dressing up or keeping casual.