The 5 Love Languages of The Jumpsuit

If the rest of the country is experiencing any temperature fluctuations like Arizona, you know how hard it is to determine the weather from day to day. Last week was 83 degrees, this week is a high of 60. Jumpsuits are pieces of comfort, style, and convenience! I love how jumpsuits can move from warm to cool weather by what you pair underneath and what you layer on top. Although, hunting for a jumpsuit to fit a tall frame is not a task for the weary. I've had my fair share of jumpsuit returns. It's all about finding the right fit, are the legs long enough. Is the torso long enough, can I move freely. If jumpsuits aren't in your closets yet, they should be. And here are a few reasons why.

As a Tall girl on the hunt for a great fitting jumpsuit I've found overalls to be the best bet so far. The reason the overall has won me over is because of the ability to adjust the length of the straps. When I have shopped for jumpsuits in the past I have always been  faced with the problem of the torso being a little to short and feeling like I am trapped inside, and if the torso is of good length the legs are often a bit to short even though they are labeled TALL. Overalls are a winner because you can adjust the straps to lengthen the torso, and in turn the legs can hang a bit longer too. A bonus is that you give that 90's cool girl vibe. 

* In the photos I rolled up the pant legs, for style. These overalls fit great and are long enough for my long legs. 


The 5 Love Languages: of The Jumpsiut

1. Fast: Jumpsuits save you from unnecessary styling worry. Does your top match your bottom?Well skip that, because you don't need a top nor a bottom. All you need is a jumpsuit and you're set. (unless it's overalls)
2. Comfort: Jumpsuits are items of comfort. It looks put together on the outside but on the inside (and with the right fabric) it feels like you're in your pajamas and never left your bed.
3.Utility: Jumpsuits gets any job done. Your looks can vary from casual to formal in this majestic piece. It covers you up in all the right places while keeping you looking chic.
4. Sassy: Just because it's a one piece doesn't mean they can be feminine. Jumpsuits are the perfect opportunity to show some skin from arms to back without looking too exposed over-all. It's a playful piece and if they are overalls that can bring you back to your childhood
5. Balance: All in all, jumpsuits strike the balance between party & formal, convenient & chic, comfort & utility, play & tamed. It's a joyous match of everything right in the world. 

**Caution: using public restrooms while wearing a jumpsuit almost always results in you having to strip down.  ALL the way down. So say a prayer you locked that door.

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