People Clothes USA

People Clothes .(n):

Clothes that are not activewear, or athletic, athleisure in anyway
— Whitney of On Wyatt Style


I’m no Merriam, nor Webster, but let’s call it this.  With the relaunch of this whole blog, I feel the need for a section for everyday, tall fashion. Being 6'3 and loving style, it's only right that I share my finds with every tall girl. If you are a girl over 6 foot, you can resonate with me of the struggles of pants you wore in high school that were high waters, although I doubt they intentionally made it that way. Or that time you wanted a midi dress but it looks like, well, a tunic top.

It’s these moments that urge me to dedicate this little space of my blog with you. Subscribe to my newsletter and be the first to know when I drop something tall on the blog. Leave me a message and share your go-to tall girl fashion hacks and everything in between. I would love to read them in the comments.


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