Wyatt (Whitney) Dosty was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1988. Growing up, she has always been a lover of art and movement. She was exposed to many forms when she was a kid, as she took on classes in dance, swimming, and gymnastics. Wyatt's natural athletic ability and body aesthetic allowed her to excel in some of the most difficult athletic feats.

Before turning 10, Wyatt was already a Gymnastics state Champion, Swim team record holder, and ballerina. She was accepted into the ballet companies; American Ballet theater (2002), and the Alvin Ailey American dance theater (2003) and Dance Theater of Harlem (2004 and 2005). All on full scholarships for their summer intensive programs.

It was in junior year of high school when she got involved with volleyball and it wasn't a shock that everything felt natural for her 6'3 lean body frame. During this time she was also dunking basketballs in gym class when the boys denied her ability, attending dance classes when she could and for the reason of leaving high school on a "social" light she joined the track team and became a high jump state champion.

After her first season of high school volleyball she was selected to the USA volleyball youth national volleyball training team where after 2 weeks and just days before leaving the Olympic training center for China, she was cut. That was all the motivation she needed for the next year! After her second year of high school volleyball and much improvement she was selected to USA volleyball youth national traveling team and went to Mexico and helping the team qualified for the NORCECA championship the following year. Wyatt became one of the top recruits in the nation her senior year of high school and committed to play volleyball at the University of Arizona on an athletic scholarship.

As dance was no longer a possibility with the rigorous schedule of college athletics, she devoted her four years of eligibility to becoming the best athlete and volleyball player she could be while earning a degree in Family Studies. It was in her freshman year she understood her abilities and the potential she had to make volleyball her career. Through some setbacks and injuries she did just that.

Wyatt went on to start her professional volleyball career playing in Puerto Rico, she continued over the next five years in Switzerland, Korea, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Wyatt has made many friends around the world and seen things in life; as a young girl she wouldn't have ever imagined. In 2013 Wyatt was faced with making a tough decision to leave a team in Azerbaijan, being at the peak of her career she had hopes of returning to America and to train with the USA team in efforts to have the opportunity to represent her country in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

If there is anything that Wyatt knows about life, it is that it is never certain and sometimes takes tough lessons in order to put you where you are suppose to be in life. In January of 2014, Wyatt was called to play for a team in Turkey, though the decision went against her gut, she went anyway.

This bio wouldn't be any good if it had a fairytale ending, so; like most moves a person makes against the siding of their heart, there was a consequence. About 1 hour during the first full team practice Wyatt suffered a 'career threatening injury'--an ankle dislocation; She had emergency surgery in Turkey for subluxation.

So, after 2 years of 2 ankle surgeries, 2 cortisone shots, 4 living relocations, Months and months, hours of relentless physical therapy, 2 attempted comebacks, gallons of tears, pounds of doubt, but also an internal knowing that this isn't her end. She has grown to recognize her other gifts.

Fashion has always been of interest to her. She felt there was no better time than NOW to do something with it. Growing up as a ballerina, Wyatt had no desire or plans of attending college. She thought being a Prima Ballerina and living in NYC was good enough. That was until she learned of Parsons School of Design. However, because the change of activities; her fashion and styling dreams were put on hold for volleyball.

Wyatt has always had the creative spirit. She began making her own clothes and sewing as a child and taking every "home ec." class in highschool; clothing I, II, III, IIII and quilting I, II. Did we mention she can make some mean cinnamon buns?!

Her fashion dreams were put on hold for her athletic scholarship that is until recently. July of 2015, Wyatt packed a suitcase and went to New York for 2 weeks where she attended The School of Style. This is where she learned everything she could have imagined about styling and business. When job opportunities weren't moving fast enough for her, she relocated to Miami, Florida where she worked as a sales associate in a world premier fitness gym. This gave her the opportunity do 2 things she (and all of us here) loves: athletics and work among some of the most stylish active wear brands around the world.

During her time in Florida, she took advantage of all the knowledge she acquired at School of Style and worked alongside world-renowned stylist Katie Mossman and April Hughes as an intern. Having to return to Arizona for her 2nd ankle surgery, and being at a loss with a very difficult and complicated recovery Wyatt was limited to work and athletics. Only capable of attending a water aquatic class at the local YMCA under her nana's gym membership; the majority of the class attendees being over 60+ in age. Wyatt's main desire was to return to athletics and using fashion as her means.

This is how On Wyatt Style was born, an unexpected turn of events, a convergence of her two loves. If you're wondering how she is now, Wyatt's soldiering on, doing what she absolutely loves, in her office - also known as her Nana's dining room.