School is Cool


I have always had an idea that I wanted to make clothes for women like me. If you don’t know I am 6’3  (without heels) and an athlete. I’m lean but not slim, I have muscles and the combination of my height and body structure have always made it difficult to find clothes.

Ironically this difficult task is the norm for myself and so many others that don’t fit in the average mold for the way clothes are constructed. I am always asked, “ is it difficult for you to find pants?” Well, Yes and no. If by difficult you mean I can't go into any store and expect to find pants then YES! I can’t remember the last time I ever was able to do that. However, because of this I am a VERY savvy online shopper. I know where to get pants that fit, dresses, tops, SHOES! (If you are a tall glass of water and have any questions about that check out my TALL STYLES, or write me a comment if you are looking for something specific, chances are I know where to find it)

So because of the lengths -pun intended- I’ve had to go through growing up to find clothes that fit or settle for ones that didn’t my idea was born to make something for us long ladies. The spectrum was broad until a few summers ago when the one-piece swim trend had just reintroduced its self I knew I wanted one, and shortly found out I couldn’t find one… and If I did every other tall blogger already had it the one or two suits that would fit.  So, I suppose this is where the story begins. I have set out to make modern designed, comfortable, durable swimsuits that fit long bodies. This is a project I have been working on learning, understanding, and loving starting back in summer of 2016.

Since Tucson Arizona isn’t exactly the fashion capital of the world, I have been on one heck of a ride building my team of mentors, manufactures, samples makers, patteren makers and business advisors. Everyday this process teaches me something new and pushes my limits of what I think I am capable of. Ultimately this whole process has led me back to school. I knew there was/ is so much I don’t know and want to put myself and my product in the best position to be of use to the people who need it most. It turns out Pima Cumminity College has a FANTASTIC fashion design program. So, I enrolled and haven’t looked back. I knew going back to school was the only way I’d get the answers I needed the quickest and most thorough. There is so much information on the internet but if you have the chance to be taught in a face to face setting with someone in the industry, they will speed up your learn curve. So here I am back in college.


These three books really jump started my business education in fashion, entrepreneurship, and getting others involved. All highly recommend and if you have any questions or suggestions drop a line in the comments :)

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