Bulletproof Coffee (spin-off) Vegan Style

So the point of Bulletproof coffee is to get your healthy fats in and to feel engerized all day long. I have done my own spin-off of this concoction for similar benefits and as a way to easily (and tastefully) down some healthy oils. Also, even though I am not vegan I am a vegetarian but consume very little dairy. Traditionally Bulletproof coffee is made from grass fed unsalted butter, and though I love me some butter and cheese I opted for the vegan route. Mine is made with Extra Virgin Coconut oil.

I REPEAT, this is a spin-off of what would pop up if you googled Bulletproof Coffee. Below is what you will need to create my version :)


  • Mocha ground coffee. Made in a coffee press
  • Spoon of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Scoop of Pure Collagen 6,000 MG
  • Omega 3 fish Oil
  • Dairy free coffee creamer


Simply toss it all into the blender and watch the magic happen. Its important to blend it all together not just stir it, otherwise your oils will not mix in.

I have been drinking my coffee this way for about 2 weeks now and its true, I do feel I have great energy and I am getting my healthy fats and a dose of nutrition in my cup of Joe. I have also noticed my skin and nails to look and feel healthier, possibly because of the Pure Collagen. I never consumed it before adding it to my coffee and I have noticed a difference. Lastely I've noticed that my coffee just tastes better its creamier and theres an added froth on top from blending it.

I'm feeling this new take on coffee

How do you like your coffee?