#30DAYSVEGAN: Tofu & Rice Noodles


By my own choice and ( influence of my cousin) we decided to see if we could go vegan for a month. I really would like to continue on after a month but I'm taking baby steps. This isn't the first time I'v gone vegan. About 2 years ago, When I was coming back from my first ankle surgery I decide I was going to eat a vegan diet as a way to help with recovery, and do something good for my body. I wish I had more will power to keep it up at the time. I lasted about 3 months and my body had never felt better, my skin was looking healthy, and I was a whole different "lean" from what I was used to. I don't remember what meal/snack caused me to slide back down the deep end of cake, ice cream and pizza but 2 years later I haven't kept up with the vegan lifestyle.

It's time to do something nice for my body again. I started September 5th, so I'm a few days late but nevertheless you have to start somewhere, right? Over the next 30 days I will share some of my vegan meals/snacks.

First was this Tofu & Rice Noodle dish. I actually got this in whole foods in the refrigerated grab and go section. I started eating it cold, because it was displayed like a noodle salad of some sort and quickly realized it'd be better if I took it home and mixed it in a skillet with some seasoning. I don't know if its meant to be hot of cold, but I preferred it hot with a little more seasoning.


  • Tofu
  • Rice noodles
  • Parsely
  • Cilantro
  • Shredded carrots
  • cucumbers (I didn't put these in the skillet, I added them after)
  • Low sodium Soy Sauce and a little Hoisin Sauce

Super easy fast vegan meal!