Bend Don't Break: National Yoga Month

What is life if we are not constantly challenging ourselves?

I do my best to live a life of balance, I eat ample amounts of pizza, I have moments of getting my heart-rate up, I shut my brain off at night, I enjoy reading, I smile and sometimes I cry. I don't strive to be to be perfect every day, but I do strive to learn from my actions and everyday thoughts. The positive vibes I embrace and find ways of multiplying them, the negative ones I acknowledge and get rid of as fast as possible - Of course, that is easier said than done.

The fact of the matter is we face challenges everyday, this world can be TOUGH, unforgiving, and bring out the dark parts of ourselves we didn't know existed. The beautiful part is that each day we can BOSS UP to face these challenges.

There is a certain level of new found confidence you feel when you face a challenge and own it.

This month I am challenging myself on Yoga. Yoga raises mindfulness, it's a space to let go of your ego and its where you can come to accept yourself no matter the mood you show up in. Yoga tests my abilities, and dares me to think differently; differently about my emotions, differently about my relationships; and forces me to challenge some of my physical inabilities. I find it brings awareness in how I accept myself, and after all self acceptance is the root to growing in all areas of life.

The physical side of yoga is great for strengthening, toning, elongating muscles and gaining flexibility. Mentally, it teaches me balance, patience and allows me to test my limits. I've decided to challenge myself with yoga being my primary form of training. For both the physical and mental side of training.

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