I am often asked what I eat and how do I stay fit. I am no trainer and I am a complete foodie but what I do know is that life is all about balance. Here is one of the ways I like to nourish my body; smoothies. I don't diet but I do like to provide my body with fuel. When it comes to eating that's how I look at it, "Will this fuel my body?" after all your body is a hard working machine, you should treat it as such. It's all about balance!!!

What I like best about the Aloha brand is that their products are plant based and make me feel like my nourishment is on point (think wind in my hair and prancing through dandelion fields) even if I eat a pizza once a week :).

I like smoothies when I'm in a rush and want something quick and healthy, or when I need a snack to hold me over to my next meal. I am a vegetarian so getting an extra scoop of protein in my life never hurts either.

Coming from a smoothie queen this is how I enjoy Aloha's 

Almond milk

Scoop of peanut butter


Frozen strawberries

A pack of Berry Blend

**I throw all of this into the blender in the order that I listed (because believe it or not it makes a difference in how well they blend) I mix them until they are smooth.

Here are some recipes by Aloha


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