What Is True and Raw Is Perfect: Herbal Dynamics Beauty

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My relationship with skincare is a love-hate one. There are days when you want to up your skincare game and buy a bunch of products and end up breaking out - bad. Then there are days when you couldn't care less about your skincare routine, use the usual stuff, end up lazing out and even forget to remove your mascara before going to bed (I know, gasp!) and still break out - bad!

The brands that I share with you here are brands that I believe in and would recommend to my personal friends, and since we are all friends here, here is brand I have something to say about.

Herbal Dynamics Beauty

I stumbled on this brand by chance but will continue using because of the results. Now, I'll have you know Im not a know-it-all when it comes to the best skincare regimen. I look for products that make my skin feel good and if they are all natural thats a bonus. My mom bought the Cacoa and Chamomile Clearing Clay mask for me for Christmas and after just three uses I started to see a noticeable difference in my complexion and softness of my skin. It also smells like a chocolate bar on your face. 


As with anything in life, one must find balance. For me, the right products help me accomplish this. My current favorite is Herbal Dynamics Beauty. Dealing with an active lifestyle makes your skin vulnerable to stress, dirt, and aging - there's the sun, difficult people, and pollution. Sometimes when you get home, all there's left to do is eat and sleep. While we want the best for our skin, it can get very tedious at times.

As an active girl and someone who just said good bye to her 20's I'm learning skincare is zen. It helps me keep in touch with my body and my needs. It tells me what I need more and less of. My skin talks, and I want it to speak only of good things. The Herbal Dynamic Beauty products are packed with so much goodness, they are all natural with no animal testing, no sulfates, no parabens, and no phthalates. It's only all natural goodness!

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