When I travel my make up bag contains mascara, a foundations ( for when I want to be fancy)  a neutral colored shadow and Carmex/ Vasaline Lip Therapy. And when I say makeup bag Im talking about a plastic zip-lock that I am constantly told I need to upgrade. So, what Im getting at is... I dont wear a full face of make up that often. On a regular day I consider applying mascara as "trying" and Carmex is a staple that no one really considers as makeup. However, as I rang in the new year I smudged some eye shadow on and gloss and a number of you noticed (sheesh, making a girl feel pretty over here ;)) Because I received a number of questions about my eyeshadow I thought I'd share what I was wearing. THIS IS NOT MY DEBUT AS A BEAUTY BLOGGER .... I'll have you know I apply most of my makeup with my fingers, and NO ONE wants to see that process. 

makeup_ flat.jpg
Edited Flat copy.jpg

There was a time I could apply makeup pretty well when I was still a ballerina, but doing stage makeup and looking like a swan isn't suitable for an everyday look :) I do admire those beauty bloggers and the artistry that goes in to a full makeup look.

Makeup can be fun and at one point I bought great quality makeup. I actually cant remeber the last time I bought new make up other than foundation. Is there an experation date on makeup? Asking for a beauty expert? Anywho, I have listed the products that I used below, I bought all of mine in store to make sure I was getting the right colors for my skintone, but Amazon is my JAM so I found them for you there. The eye shadow palette is called AND GOD CREATED WOMAN and honestly that was probably the selling point for me to splurge on the shadow. I also love the Nars blush called Sin it's a perfect natural hint of color.


So there you have it, this was the eyeshadow and makeup used to create my look for a low key slightly glam New Years. It really is a beautiful palette for someone who might know how to apply makeup well. (teach me)

Comment below with questions, recommendations and tips.... I'm soooo not a beauty expert, but with the New Year I am going to try and share more lifestyle topics here. 

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