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Anyone with curly hair can relate to being a product junky. I buy products out of curiosity, sometimes I feel it's a never ending journey of trial and error. I have my go-tos but I'm always on the hunt for great products for particular results. I have products that hydrate, I have products that hold, I have deep conditioners on lock, and shampoos that detangle. But I am ALWAYS open to the next best thrill for my curls.

It would be crazy to think a woman with curls could survive off just one product, BUT IF YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT THAT PRODUCT IS IN THE COMMENTS. I NEED TO KNOW.


The newest products that have made their way into my product collection is the Form Beauty products. I have tried out the Multitask Leave-In Lotion and the Define Curl Creme. I love them both. I use the leave-in condition right after a wash and top if off with the curl defining cream and let my hair air dry for extra defined ringlets. The Define cream is very thick but still light weight so I don't continue to reapply it between washes. For me it is best used when my hair is wet. BUT the Multitask Leave-In does just that; multitasks! I use it almost on a daily bases as a curl refresher, and moisturizer. I really love the hydration and definition these products give my curls and the results last for days at a time.

DSCF7228 2.jpg

Because of the Arizona climate I live in I am always looking for products that can help moisturize and hydrate my hair since it's naturally very dry where I live. These Form Beauty products checked off both the hydrate and moisturize boxes. The two products combined make the perfect combo and work well to keep my curls feeling healthy. 


So there you have it, these are my latest hair secrets. I am excited to try out some more of the Form Beauty products. Form Beauty actually has an online consultation process to design a line of products specific to your needs. I also like to switch up my hair from curly to straight from time to time so I look forward to giving the Protect Heat Serum a try. Check them out.

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