My Coconut Oil is Solidifying

Me all fall heading into winter

Me all fall heading into winter

My coconut oil is solidifying, that can only mean one thing; the dry fall/winter months are upon us.

Simplicity! That's my approach to all things beauty. For the majority of my life I have been an athlete. Often covered in sweat, showering a couple times a day, and usually more concerned with what food I can eat next. I haven't ever seriously concerned myself with the best skin products, make-up, or hair products.... Ok, that last one was a lie I snatch up hair products like they are rare collector items. With that being said I first look for simple products, I get a bonus point if it has multiple uses for the body and is all natural.

So, that is why i'm a lover of for coconut oil. The fall/winter are always a harsh time for my skin and hair and since Arizona is naturally very dry I reach into my pantry and pullout some coconut oil and bathe in it. Coconut oil is a very effective natural moisture sealant. I use it in my hair, on my scalp, I combine it with lotions and use it as a skin moisturizer. I even tried oil pulling , I quickly discovered oil pulling wasn't for me. I'm not for swishing oil in my mouth for 20 minutes, but i hear it has great benefits.

My favorite coconut oil use is as a hair mask combined with a deep conditioner. Sometimes i'll even sleep with it in my hair for a deeper moisturizing treatment. A tip i'v learned from all my experiences with coconut oil is this: dampening you hair before applying the oil will help you hair absorb it better. Rather than you becoming a grease ball that looks like you are profusely sweating out oil down your face. Trust me, i'm speaking form experience. It ain't pretty.

There’s honestly so much more going around on the internet on the uses and benefits of coconut oil, so make sure you look around. Now that fall is upon us and we will be heading into winter I'll be stalking up on my coco oil. Go ahead and dip those finger tips in some coconut oil and start massaging that scalp. Happy oiling!


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