When I travel my make up bag contains mascara, a foundations ( for when I want to be fancy)  a neutral colored shadow and Carmex/ Vasaline Lip Therapy. And when I say makeup bag Im talking about a plastic zip-lock that I am constantly told I need to upgrade. So, what Im getting at is... I dont wear a full face of make up that often. On a regular day I consider applying mascara as "trying" and Carmex is a staple that no one really considers as makeup. However, as I rang in the new year I smudged some eye shadow on and gloss and a number of you noticed (sheesh, making a girl feel pretty over here ;)) Because I received a number of questions about my eyeshadow I thought I'd share what I was wearing. THIS IS NOT MY DEBUT AS A BEAUTY BLOGGER .... I'll have you know I apply most of my makeup with my fingers, and NO ONE wants to see that process. 

makeup_ flat.jpg
Edited Flat copy.jpg

There was a time I could apply makeup pretty well when I was still a ballerina, but doing stage makeup and looking like a swan isn't suitable for an everyday look :) I do admire those beauty bloggers and the artistry that goes in to a full makeup look.

Makeup can be fun and at one point I bought great quality makeup. I actually cant remeber the last time I bought new make up other than foundation. Is there an experation date on makeup? Asking for a beauty expert? Anywho, I have listed the products that I used below, I bought all of mine in store to make sure I was getting the right colors for my skintone, but Amazon is my JAM so I found them for you there. The eye shadow palette is called AND GOD CREATED WOMAN and honestly that was probably the selling point for me to splurge on the shadow. I also love the Nars blush called Sin it's a perfect natural hint of color.


So there you have it, this was the eyeshadow and makeup used to create my look for a low key slightly glam New Years. It really is a beautiful palette for someone who might know how to apply makeup well. (teach me)

Comment below with questions, recommendations and tips.... I'm soooo not a beauty expert, but with the New Year I am going to try and share more lifestyle topics here. 

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Hair Full of Secrets - Form Beauty


Anyone with curly hair can relate to being a product junky. I buy products out of curiosity, sometimes I feel it's a never ending journey of trial and error. I have my go-tos but I'm always on the hunt for great products for particular results. I have products that hydrate, I have products that hold, I have deep conditioners on lock, and shampoos that detangle. But I am ALWAYS open to the next best thrill for my curls.

It would be crazy to think a woman with curls could survive off just one product, BUT IF YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT THAT PRODUCT IS IN THE COMMENTS. I NEED TO KNOW.


The newest products that have made their way into my product collection is the Form Beauty products. I have tried out the Multitask Leave-In Lotion and the Define Curl Creme. I love them both. I use the leave-in condition right after a wash and top if off with the curl defining cream and let my hair air dry for extra defined ringlets. The Define cream is very thick but still light weight so I don't continue to reapply it between washes. For me it is best used when my hair is wet. BUT the Multitask Leave-In does just that; multitasks! I use it almost on a daily bases as a curl refresher, and moisturizer. I really love the hydration and definition these products give my curls and the results last for days at a time.

DSCF7228 2.jpg

Because of the Arizona climate I live in I am always looking for products that can help moisturize and hydrate my hair since it's naturally very dry where I live. These Form Beauty products checked off both the hydrate and moisturize boxes. The two products combined make the perfect combo and work well to keep my curls feeling healthy. 


So there you have it, these are my latest hair secrets. I am excited to try out some more of the Form Beauty products. Form Beauty actually has an online consultation process to design a line of products specific to your needs. I also like to switch up my hair from curly to straight from time to time so I look forward to giving the Protect Heat Serum a try. Check them out.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 8.09.43 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 8.10.13 AM.png

My Coconut Oil is Solidifying

Me all fall heading into winter

Me all fall heading into winter


My coconut oil is solidifying, that can only mean one thing; the dry fall/winter months are upon us.

Simplicity! That's my approach to all things beauty. For the majority of my life I have been an athlete. Often covered in sweat, showering a couple times a day, and usually more concerned with what food I can eat next. I haven't ever seriously concerned myself with the best skin products, make-up, or hair products.... Ok, that last one was a lie I snatch up hair products like they are rare collector items. With that being said I first look for simple products, I get a bonus point if it has multiple uses for the body and is all natural.

So, that is why i'm a lover of for coconut oil. The fall/winter are always a harsh time for my skin and hair and since Arizona is naturally very dry I reach into my pantry and pullout some coconut oil and bathe in it. Coconut oil is a very effective natural moisture sealant. I use it in my hair, on my scalp, I combine it with lotions and use it as a skin moisturizer. I even tried oil pulling , I quickly discovered oil pulling wasn't for me. I'm not for swishing oil in my mouth for 20 minutes, but i hear it has great benefits.

My favorite coconut oil use is as a hair mask combined with a deep conditioner. Sometimes i'll even sleep with it in my hair for a deeper moisturizing treatment. A tip i'v learned from all my experiences with coconut oil is this: dampening you hair before applying the oil will help you hair absorb it better. Rather than you becoming a grease ball that looks like you are profusely sweating out oil down your face. Trust me, i'm speaking form experience. It ain't pretty.

There’s honestly so much more going around on the internet on the uses and benefits of coconut oil, so make sure you look around. Now that fall is upon us and we will be heading into winter I'll be stalking up on my coco oil. Go ahead and dip those finger tips in some coconut oil and start massaging that scalp. Happy oiling!


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Sweat Cosmetic

Through all my years of competitive sports,  a thought such as "how great it would be if there was a makeup specifically designed for athletic women" has definitely crossed my mind. It isn't ideal to go into a competition with a full face of make up but at times you want a little extra coverage. Maybe, even just a product that you can wear that makes you feel a little more beautiful when you enter the playing field. Whether on the court, weight room, or studio, you simply want to dominate. We ain't got time to be foolin' with our faces while we are focusing on plays and performance.

Unless it's a product specifically designed with the active women in mind, it most likely won't make the cut. It won't hold up to the demands of sweat, heat and most importantly skin health. Ladies you've been there with me, on the occasions you do work out with makeup on and it magically ends up EVERYWHERE except still on your face. You end up looking like the mask from Scream!

But is it too much to wish that there was a foundation friendly for when you sweat?

Lo and behold there is! Sweat Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand designed for the active women. It's main product is a powder brush that comes in 5 different shades in a conveniently compact container. The built-in synthetic brush allows you to just sweep the powder through your face. It also has UV Protection at SPF 30, it's all cruelty-free and free of any and all harmful chemicals. It not only helps prevent your skin from damage, it helps better the condition of your skin! It's natural, compact, and designed for active beauty.

[metaslider id=2569]

A powder to keep you fresh and feel pretty while you check off your goals one by one. But really does it stand the test of sweat? Yes, it comes with with 80 mins of water resistance. I wore Sweat Cosmetics for a full week during my workouts from weigh training, yoga, volleyball drills in the Arizona heat, and even for 25min in the dry sauna. Once I dabbed away the sweat the make up was still in place. The makeup was easily removed using makeup remover wipes or micellar water.

My skin has always been susceptible to breaks outs especially when combining sweat and makeup which has led me to use more makeup to cover up, and guess what that led to?? Yes, more breakouts!! Over time my skin has cleared and while using Sweat Cosmetics I didn't experience any irritation, or breakouts. This product is a win win for me and I recommend it to all of my athlete/active friends.

I'm excited to try the bronzer, highlighter and makeup wipes, I will keep you updated when I do.

What:Mineral Foundation #400- for tawny to deep skin

Where: Here

How Much: $42.00

Do I recomend?: Yes, 2 thumbs up. Perfect for women who want a touch of cover while living an active life. Clean, convenient and all natural.

Th Conviction of Strength

As if a woman, once she embraces her gender has to comply with the pertaining gender roles. As if a woman needs to choose between career and children. As if a woman needs to choose between successful relationships and their businesses. As if a woman needs to choose between strength over form. Ultimately, what makes a woman are her choices, but the options are what makes a society.

It is high time that we redefine what strength is as a woman. Women athletes are the epitome of strength - mental and physical. Training like maniacs is the lifeblood of our being. It is the natural tune to which our hearts beat to. Sweat and soreness are part of what makes us. Muscles are continually pushed to the limit, revealing the beauty of human spirit. Nothing tastes sweeter than dedication when you wake up ready to devour the day. If this isn’t what real, raw, beauty is then I don’t want any of it.

Beauty is the passion to which we dedicate our energy everyday to making our life happen. Everyday, we choose to move and everyday we choose to be better.

But then pray we don’t defy the image society has painted for us. Pray that we don’t intimidate men with our build and shock women of the possibility that our bodies can be trophies of hard work. The rest of the world only praise us until it becomes uncomfortable. It becomes uncomfortable when we no longer fit the mold we have pushed ourselves out of.

This time, celebrate. Celebrate because the rest of the world be damned. Beauty is universal but the metrics we have placed around it are delicate, fragile, and fleeting. This is where beauty lies, in the conviction of strength. Paradoxical as it might seem, people are afraid of the strength that lies beyond the bounds of comfort. That isn’t real strength.

Here’s to the lady athletes, the true femme fatales, who take charge of their body, who bask in the drug of movement. This is for you and me, the beauty that resonates to the heart and not to the eyes.