Baseball Caps

Remember when the tomboy look was given such a hard time? Now that we're all grown up and free from teen angst, baseball caps are no longer "tomboy" (they still are but minus the eye roll) but more on the "i just put this on, effortlessly cool but look at me I look totally badass".

Admit it, sometimes keeping up with your gorgeous mane can be one huge chore and that fedora just won't cut it. Or maybe you just want the sun out of your face. Or just because that baseball cap you bought last week would look soooooooo good with your outfit.

Baseball caps are so cash and very flexible for the blazing heat or that sudden downpour of rain. The sky may cry but you don't have to for forgetting your umbrella at home. Hmm, if you're not sold out to the whole idea of baseball caps (which I highly doubt) allow me to resonate through your day by day activities and figure out which parts you can rock a cap with.

On the way to the gym and having no make up on - yes, we should all be confident in our own skin but putting on a cap will make you feel extra confident (just in case you run into "the one")

Commuting and you're not having the best day or you don't want to be disrupted or catcalled. You can plug in your earphones, tune in to some real angry ass tunes, and feel kick-ass.

The last, and probably the most practical - shying away from the paparazzis - because even I can't figure out why they're so obsessed with me.

So there's obviously more than one way to go about this trend of baseball caps. It can be fun, practical, laid back or a giant IDFWU. The most important thing is to enjoy !

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