You Only Get One Body

Medicine and plastic surgery have come along way but the truth is you only get one body. You don't get to switch or ask for an upgrade if things don't go your way. Eat well and exercise regularly - but most importantly don't take your body's abilities for granted.

Show some love and appreciation for all of the functions your body is able to perform through out the day.

Waking up, going to the gym, going to practice, recovering, playing in a game. Waking up, going to the gym, going to practice.... It's a cycle most athletes know very well. But how many times are we actually being thankful for our body's unique abilities of getting us through each pull up, shuttle run, jump test, or ice bath? That is something I can't even recall. I was just doing the known necessary steps I believed I had to take to be my best athlete. We gripe about plays we could have done better, and that if our bodies were different we would be capable of achieving different things.

On a personal note whether you have been following me for a while or not you may know that I had a career "adjusting" injury. I used to say career ending, but really I've been blessed with being able to pick up a new sport that I otherwise would not have done if I never got injured.

The hardest part of not being able to do the things I was once able to do before, is the thought that I took my abilities for granted. Every athlete thinks they will get to call it quits on the sport. That we will be able to walk away when we feel that we have had enough or that it is time to try something different. Nobody plans on an injury being the reason you have to walk away. 

The beauty in my current abilities is seeing my body adapt and develope new skills I didn't have (or recognize) before. We all have so much to offer the world through our bodies capabilities and that includes our minds. Thank yourself today for what you are capable of doing and the value you are adding.