Forever a Student


Hey Frenz! This week was my first week of school; real school. Not a workshop, not a masterclass. The real deal where you sit in a class for a semester and get a grade.


I know, I was shook too at the thought of being back in school. It's been 7 years since I graduated and honestly I got tired of hearing myself say, "I wish I was back in school." I associate being in school with simpler times, and not having very many "adult" responsibilities. In school there is the ease of having someone there telling me what I need to learn as oppose to me visiting google multiple times a day to get the answers. I thought school was a nightmare when I was attending, and only in the last few years I have realized it was because I didn't (and wasn't able to) study what I really loved. But, here I am an adult with responsibilities and now I am in school again. (Oh life.... you are so funny)

It was time to hit the books again, this time around to receive my certificate in fashion design.  For about a year now I have been working on a fashion project that will solve some problems for all my long/tall ladies, but more on that later. I found myself spending so much time researching basic steps. Of course, researching is a part of the process but I knew there was a quicker way if I let the experts guide me. It started with a conversation I had with a women who was shopping where I work. She was a former teacher and during our conversation something she said really stuck out to me. She said, " Sometimes you have to work backwards to move forward." I could relate because after college I went on to play professional volleyball. I missed the whole job searching, interview processes, the "what am I even doing with my life" feelings and being in a work envornment. The things many people learn out of college I had no idea how to do. After my ankle injury I felt I had to learn quick if I wanted to be successfull and be able to get a good job or make any sort of difference. I am now learning what many young 20 somethings learn in my late 20's. Going back to school seemed a little like working backwards at this stage in the game, but I know the benefits will greatly excellerate the process in a subject I love.

After a crazy sequence of events that had me traveling to Vegas for a Tradeshow, sitting in a seminar and making some meaningful connections with experts it landed me in the classroom with a teacher (in my hometown) I had been reading about in some of my fashion business books... what are the odds! I in fact believe the odds are pretty great. I don't believe things happen by chance. The people we meet all serve a purpose, the experiences we have all lead us somewhere or away from something, and a particular sequence of events is setting us up for something.


You are allowed to curate you are life how you see fit. Sometimes we forget that because of beliefs that your family, friends and society tell you that you “should” be leading. I say forget ALL of that. Had I listened to those beliefs of others who knows where id be or the life i would have let someone else choose for me.
— Jackie De Jesu of SHHHOWERCAP

Check yourself when you need the help and guidance there are many people out there willing to help you on your journey. No amount of time and no price is too much when you invest in yourself, keep your mind sharp, heart open and your vibes positive.


Me leaving class on day one, thinking im a design queen

To all the girl bosses, lady hustlers, fearless females, and phenomenal women... I raise my bulletproof coffee to you from the front row of class. Don't let anyone tell you you can't do something or you need to follow any set path. If you are in your 20's according to Gary Vaynerchuk this is the time to be massively risk oriented. Take that risk, travel, start a business now is the time for us.


Me and my momma. Photo on the left: Was my first day of 1st grade. Photo on the right: 23 years later and 7 years after graduating I decided t go back to school.

Me and my momma. Photo on the left: Was my first day of 1st grade. Photo on the right: 23 years later and 7 years after graduating I decided t go back to school.

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