Re·in·vent: Alala and lately

Conquering the world in one piece of activewear at a time



change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new.


Back from China and still trying to figure out what day of the week it is! This jet lag is no joke and I experienced Monday twice...well sort of (It was Monday when I left China, came back and it was Monday in America)

I have been so grateful for this past week of being able to compete with the USA Women's National Sitting Volleyball Team in the Paravolley Super Six tournament. I couldn't have asked to be surrounded by a better group of humans. I can recall having the most humbling moment while I was sitting on the bench watching my teammates start the game. I thought to myself how just a year ago I would have NEVER imagined having the opportunity to continue playing volleyball, being apart of the USA sitting volleyball team, and getting to call the Paralympic gold metal team my teammates. 

God sure does work in mysterious ways!

We must always be striving, working and reinventing ourselves, we never know what opportunities await us. This time last year I was still getting my blog off the ground, and wondering if my ankle would ever heal so I could play volleyball again. Keep working and watch the doors open!!

Here I am in some fun new activewear :) This is the Crest Top from Alala, its comfortable, supportive, allows for full range of motion and has me feelin' like money in this Palm Green.

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