Sweatshirts are F&*$ing Important

I know I know it's spring time the flowers are blooming and warmer temps and rolling in and summer will soon be around the corner. BUT I needed to take a minute to give some respect to the sweatshirt, since temps dropped last week to near freezing (maybe a little exaggeration) without warning.

Kanye is a very controversial icon. He’s married to a Kardashian, he’s in the music industry, he’s collaborating with major fashion brands, He’s got an eyebrow raising named child, and I’m not even sure what wisdom is to him. But the only time Kanye really spoke like the god he thinks he is (Yeezus Christ!) is when he said, and I say this with gigantic air quotes (in this case, literal quotes)

“Sweatshirts are f****ing important”

-Kanye West

Write it in bold, underline it, and light it up like we’re in Vegas. Should this be the second coming, someone write this down in the Bible right now. This guy has enough problems as it is - including never seeing himself perform live.

Kidding aside though, Kanye got this one right.

In the athleisure style I stand for, sweatshirts really are important - or to put it even more eloquently - essential. Sweatshirts strike the balance between warm but not too warm, cozy but not bulky. They’re like a little ball of comfort in days you just want to stay in and an armor when you want to run around the block or when working out. It’s a versatile piece of clothing so it’s pretty much an investment.

So I get where Kanye is getting all his love for sweatshirts from. It’s hard not to. Maybe I have an issue about him running for presidency in 2020 but that’s just about it. Haha sorry, Kanye. We can’t blame him, because the best things in life make you sweat.

Disclaimer: I have no hate towards Kanye, guy knows his music and I have a deep respect for his craft. Keep it light.