Spice up Spring: Lavender Color Pop

Spring is here and just as this season is about blooming, new life, and getting rid of the old - why don't we do the same with your wardrobe? Monochromes are always a go-to but spring is about light and adventure!

About a month ago you may recall me talking about neon activewear neon will always play a role in activewear, but for spring its time to move on to something a bit sweeter. It's a high time to find a way to incorporate some color, like pastel! Especially pastel. Spring is pastel's time to shine.

Pastels look soooo good with light neutrals. It keeps the spring look in check, and it looks balanced with light neutrals. Think whites, greys, and beiges. Though this bit of lavender is minimal under my top it adds just the right amount of color to balance the greys.