Nesh NYC


The universe knows how much downtime, de-stressing, and self-care we need on a daily basis. Life's demands are tougher when you know what you want and hustle towards it. Great things come at a price and I know your feels, which is why i'm so happy to be talking about this brand with you.

Nesh is short for Ganesha. Now if you're into yoga or Hinduism, you'd recognize Ganesha as the god who removes obstacles. The elephant-headed god is said to be the deva of arts, sciences, and innovation. That most certainately resonates with me.

Nesh NYC speaks to me because of its goal - and that's to remove any obstacle for any woman who strives for innovation each day of her life. It's the daily support, the every day motivation for any go-getting, entrepreneurial woman out to get the world. Sounds like the battle cry of On Wyatt Style.

I am all for women empowerment, maximizing your energy to make a difference and I want my clothing to do just that. I want my clothing to help me spin, stretch, and move, to get the best out of everyday - of course without compromising the most important thing: style. You want your clothes to fit your purpose. You want your clothes to embody you. Power, versatility, ability, with the right amount of sass. That's what I need. Teaming up with Nesh NYC I was able to take this brand with me through my daily activities from workout to errands to casual evening without missing a beat in my style.

These pieces I'm wearing from Nesh are sheer PERFECTION for summer. This sleeveless vest looks bomb transitioning from your workout back into the real world.

Nesh NYC is more than athleisure. It's more than a coming together of aesthetics and fabrics, it's a story - a principle, a motto. Everywear. Everywhere.