Leggings All day, EVERYDAY

Leggings, with the right fabric, are the most versatile and convenient item in any girl’s closet. Wear a pair and they can take you from your Pilates class to partying till sunrise - although I wouldn’t recommend that. We know leggings as a staple to Fall clothing, underneath the cute shorts and skirts and underneath the layers of blouses and cardigans. With the advent of different fabrics for leggings however, we need to up its game from understudy to the main event! Here’s a few tips on dressing with your pair of leggings.

Tunic or button down shirt. The most classic silhouette for leggings is to pair it with an over-sized top. It’s laidback, very off duty and convenient when running errands or just going to brunch with your besties. It’s comfortable and inexcusably chic. You can trade in your pair of Nikes for a pair of Loubutins and you’re good till the end of the day.

Suit. Partying in a skimpy dress that’s a smidge too tight might be the go-to for raving on Friday nights. But you can look ballin’, badass and still comfortable with leggings and a suit. Take the suit for structure and the leggings for comfort - always. You may even take it up a notch and choose leggings of the leather kind for that rockstar vibe. You’ll look sharp and definitely put-together. Major plus, you don’t even have to worry about tucking in the goodies when the beat drops.

Loud Prints. Leggings come in different prints and some so bold, you don’t have to plan your outfit much around it. You can throw on a minimal top and look super sexy. I advise tops of a different texture to provide a very sharp contrast to whatever type of leggings you choose. Be sure, however, to choose leggings that are your size and covers the bootay well (do a squat test and make sure those joints aren't see through). Shoot, you're already going for it with the loud print get extra saucy and add a crop top. It’s a daring ensemble, but if we aren’t trying, then we aren’t living?

These are the few ensembles you can pull off with your leggings. Who says you can’t choose both style and comfort?