Hustle and Flow

It's back ladies!!! I'm so happy to be telling you about Wear Lively's summer capsule collection. If the message didn't come across loud and clear in the first post where I introduced you to this brand, PLEASE HEAR ME NOW!  These undies need to be on your bod.

I like to shock my system. They say you should eat pizza at least once a week - okay maybe I made that up, you should switch up your work up, and you should wear Lively! Why, because it shocks the system. Is it active wear, is lounge all day in the house undies, is it swimwear, is it lingerie? It's all of the above. My body might be all types of confused, but it's not confused about the comfort of these skivvies and how effortlessly they can flow through all of these activities.

A brand that screams leisuree, and you'll be happy with what they have in store for us with their spicy "All-Day" collection. These are pieces you can take from your daytime hustle to post-work zen, and everything in between! It fits so firmly into our lifestyle and caters to the daily demands of a modern woman. From the moment you dress up to the minute you strip off your makeup, you'll have nothing but your goals left to worry about. And that ladies, is how you #liveLively.

Let me take it a step further and make it easier for you to score these dimes. Use the code WHITNEY at checkout to receive $10 off. Tell me in comments below how much you love your Lively's

Photo's by my talented friend Chris Berry, find more of his work @mikmaan and @thedronemediajournal