Bag Lady

Nothing says game changer like a multifunctional bag. My ANDI has been the best addition to my bag game.

It's a shape shifting bag without losing its aesthetics. It can be a shoulder bag, a backpack, or a rolled up purse you can carry in your luggage for when you need an extra bag (among its multiple other uses)

Let me give you a second to take that in.

I’m a bag lady; but I’m a picky one. I’m drawn to bags that are durable and chic. Not only is this an incredible product, but the journey and evolution of this bag warms my heart. When I first heard about how the company started a piece of me loved it even more and thought it was a bit more beautiful. This bag makes me feel tough and feminine at the same time. Not just because it’s the classic Black Diamond, but because this bag was built on an idea and a will to solve a problem and to help others.

The brand was founded by a girl with a dream, and that's what we are all; a girl with a dream. The original ANDI began as a waterproof cover for a purse. Soon after, the opportunities opened and Andrea felt a need for extra storage in the cover until the cover slowly evolved into the ANDI bag. Click here to hear Andrea's full story.

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I have my ANDI for the perfect season! It's summertime and traveling is one of my favorite things. It's always an adventure, a little hectic and my suitcases are always busting at the seams. One way or another, I seem to always accumulate more stuff on my travels.

If you have been following my blog you know I spent this past 2 weeks on the road, training at the USA sitting volleyball camp and in Florida to visit friends. And guess what! This bag lady took just one bag for all of her activities. Yes, you heard me right. From the gym to the streets to the beach my Andi went everywhere. With all this versatility in one bag it wouldn't be complete if it wasn't machine washable.

On any other ordinary day I am often toting around my laptop and camera, and not to mention the occasional change of clothes, depending on my activities that day. I am always in desperate need of extra room in my bag, without stretching it to its limits. With 3 convertible straps,  2 hidden pockets, a yoga mat carrier and a detachable wristlet that can become a keychain, and a strap that attaches to my suitcase. That's it,  I have found the perfect travel bag

ANDI caters to the busy women who always needs a lot of storage in their bags for their long list of errands, or their active lifestyle that involves a lot of transition. That's me - any day. Simply put my Andi is my summer go-to for function without compromising style.

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