Adidas Superstars

Growing up, the Adidas sneakers wasn't the cool kid of the bunch. Sure, it was your go-to shoes for gym class and sometimes for park outings. It was what you rolled around in the mud with (if you were ever allowed to roll in the mud). It wasn't even the star in the awkward phase of puberty. It wasn't what everyone dreamed of having - every other girl was obsessed with trying out heels or combat boots. My gosh, combat boots. That was the original bad-ass. Heels became killer, and our trusty old pal of sneakers were left on the sidelines waiting for its time to shine.

Suddenly, it's all grown up. Cooler, hipper, and whatever the kids say these days. (#DamnDaniel). The iconic tri-stripe sneakers we've grown up with has rightfully owned its place as a superstar. The chunky pair of comfort is now the statement piece to any bad-ass outfit. Anything cash (that's short for casual, yes i'm cool) paired with these suddenly become sporty chic. A lazy day outfit is saved by the classic Adidas Superstar.

Streetwear, normcore, athleisure at its finest. It's gained quite a following it should consider building its own headquarters (like a cult). What's the best is that these guys are so comfortable and super low key that it's become a statement in itself. I know, mind blown.

Your trusty old pair must be super proud as to how it's all grown up.For work, work out, first date, third date, just another regular day of running errands - this has become the go-to armor of comfort and style. I am convinced that this bad-ass can be paired with anything. Tell me how you like to rock these superstars in the comments below.

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