Activewear Jackets

Activewear jackets are functional. These lightweight activewear jackets give you ultra protection from any injury you might expose yourself into during the cold months. Activewear jackets give you an extra layer of warmth which helps in warming you up (and staying warm) faster, thus preventing any muscle pulling that might occur when your muscles are cold.

Also, activewear jackets are super cute. They provide an extra layer of style to your outfit. Even more so when they're moisture absorbing like this Nike Dolmain sleeve I love. Even though you're sweating through your first layer of clothing, it keeps your skin comfortable for long periods of working out. It's also important to note how these outer layers move when you're running or jumping upside down since you want them to complement your active lifestyle and not hinder you from any activity you might imagine.

Aside from their obvious functions as workout buddies, these activewear jackets are stylish enough to incorporate into everyday outfits. They're comfortable, and keeps you weather-proof for whatever activities your day might bring. What are your favorite layer pieces? I'd love to know in the comments down below!