Not Just a Trend

Athleisure is here (has been for a while now, actually) and it sure as hell is here to stay. If you’re not sure as to what it is yet, athleisure is the love child of athletics and leisure. Two things I’m super crazy for here, and the lifeblood of On Wyatt Style. It’s when you take athletic pieces into your everyday wardrobe so basically what people usually look like when they’re from a workout session. Call it an after-yoga look (with or without having to go to yoga class).

I think athleisure, much like minimalism, has disguised itself as a trend but is actually here to stay. Where it started we can only guess.

And just so i’m clear, athleisure isn’t yoga pants and a tank top. Well it is that, but have you seen high fashion athleisure? From Chanel, Alexander Wang, and others have brought us pieces like cullotes, mesh tops, and sneakers you can take running - uhh - errands, and only if you are badass enough, you can take (paper) lifting to the office. Working out doesn’t have to be such a drag, and daily living doesn’t have to be so constricted.

So what are the pieces that make athleisure? Chances are you already have them, so here are a few ideas to step up your athleisure game a notch:

Printed leggings. Printed leggings are the avant-garde of leggings. It’s a party in your pants. It’s an extra pizzazz when doing your downward dog, or maybe just a downtown trip to have brunch with your friends.

Sneakers. I Should've known, back when normcore was the thing that sneakers were to stay in the hype. Labels sure have picked up on the sneaker craze, there are a tone of choices to pick from. You can rock a high top, classic Chucks, and even wedged ones for days you wake up extra sassy.

Mesh tops/sweatshirts. While tank tops are essential, you can take your athleisure look to the next level with mesh tops and sweatshirts. They’re on the opposite sides on the scale of comfort, and that’s exactly why I love them.

Lightweight/bomber jackets. This one’s for your favorite hobby aka layering. For whatever purpose it may serve, jackets sure are the go-to accessories for your ensemble. Throw in a layer of color or texture to your tank top and you’re ready to go.

Joggers. Joggers are the ultimate laid-back bottoms. They’re comfy, no-fuzz, and when styled properly gives the base to a killer silhouette. Joggers are your side-kick to a busy, busy day.

So that’s my two cents on what you should have in your closet as far as athleisure is concerned. Athleisure has shocked us, gave us some time to wrap our heads around it, and cozied in our closets, reclaiming its rightful throne. Who can resist its convenience? It’s laidback while flaunting your build at the right places. The greatest part is, you can totally move in them! Finally, something that encapsulates the essence of our active and packed lifestyle.