2017 is HERE!!

2017 is here!

Ok, we are one week in, who is off to a good start? After a week are you still allowed to say Happy New Year? Or are we over that?

I had to let the new year marinate on me a bit and get used to writing “2017” on everything even though a number of the papers I dated, have a scratched out pen mark because I repeatedly wrote 2016.

Whether making resolutions is your thing or not I think the new year always brings a feeling of hope and fresh vibes. Hope that all the things we will strive for this year might actually happen, and refreshing feels that we can leave things from the past back in 2016 and start anew.  

Personally I’m pretty hype about the new year! In 2016 I showed myself what I was capable of achieving. I went blind into so many situations and came out with lessons learned, new friendships, new skills and a sense of accomplishment; simply for just trying things that had once scared me.

I believe in the power of goal setting and priming yourself for a bomb year. Although I personally don’t want to rely on the charm of the new year to start setting new goals because once the high washes off, so does the motivation. I make an effort to better myself and go after something new everyday. Even if it is something tiny.

At the end of 2016 I revisited my old goals, reflected on what has been done, re-evaluated those unchecked, and decided whether I still want to pursue these goals and revamp them should there be a need to do so. Think bigger, and better! What I found at the end of all that reflecting is that you don’t know how much you are capable of if you don’t test yourself. Go for those goals that scare you a little bit.

As cliche as it sounds, the new year does bring new opportunities. It’s not exactly the day per se, but it’s a powerful reminder that even at any point of the year we can stop and choose to change the course of our lives. Leave what no longer serves your goals and purpose in order to make space for the ones that do.

Have a happy happy new year and I hope that this year surprises you with good mojo.

When your name starts with a "W" and you find a sweatshirt with your initial on it; YOU GET IT. This here is athleisure at its best, oversized sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, and sneaks. I was hesitant to call this a "tall" style since only the jeans are a true "Tall" item. So it stays here with my other athleisure loves. This outfit, other than the sneakers is from ASOS.COM. ASOS is one of my favorite online retailers, mostly because of thier tall section, the variety and the styles. 

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