Comfy is the New Sultry

Confidence is the ultimate beauty secret women have (next to water). It may be hard to attain, as it is a lifetime process, but the tell-tale signs of confidence are always sexy.

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That tell tale sign of confidence is comfort, not necessarily just in your clothes; but comfort in who you are. Who doesn't get attracted to a woman who's confident in her own skin? One that can put her hair up in an instant and dive into a sticky situation, one who is passionate about work, but can keep it low-key at the same time. We all love to be that woman who's comfortable with what she wears even if that means sweatpants and a messy bun. It is in choosing what you feel yourself in, not that dress that keeps slipping to one side but it makes your booty look good. I love women who establish their own beat and create their own music, and I always strive to be that woman.

Now, comfy is the new sultry. There's something so alluring about inner security - a knowing that you have the radiance that does not come with what we wear. Don't get me wrong, a woman who dresses to kill is just as powerful. While made up and sharp looks exquisite, comfort has a charm to it that is always magnetizing. It's comforting how we're redefining what sexy is, or that the definition has broadened in the least.

We need to remember that it's not in the layers of clothing we wear or the shade of lipstick we put on, it's about the inner dialogue we have with ourselves that makes us truly sexy and attractive.

Confidence that comes with comfort is always the wardrobe essential we can't keep inside of our closets.