9-5 to Stay Alive

Why is it that the hardest part of working out is simply leaving the house?? Too bad it doesn’t increase our muscle mass.

There is always in excuse as to why we can't put in the necessary time that we'd like to dedicate to physical activity. It can be ‘I don't have time’, ‘I only have an hour and that’s not enough’, ‘I'll go tomorrow when I have more energy’, ‘I don't like the teacher that teaches that class’, we could be here all day. The list could go on until one last Netflix and nacho session sends you over the edge and you have to pull yourself out of that vulnerable place of “feelings”, then we try to get hyped up like crazy.

We can whip up all the motivation we want.  We accumulate some fancy workout wear to help us get inspired to go work out - an excuse I am extremely guilty of myself. It’s possibly the very reason "athleisure" calls home.

Sometimes I end up telling myself, " you can't wear your nice gym clothes to actually work out it in, God forbid they will get all sweaty" UHHH DUH! Good thing you don’t have to sweat in them to put them to good use. Fortunately for me ‘athleisure’ is dictionary-official, so that is permission enough to wear gym wear as my daily style.

But still, reasons will weigh you down. My most recent excuse has been a new job, and while that sounds legit, how long can I let that excuse take over my life? How long should you be “adjusting to a new schedule”?

So to you, whose motivation is winding, it’s completely normal. But you know deep inside you what you need to do. Take a step back and ask yourself, what is 30mins to an hour each day of doing physical activity? Physical activity is one of the best things you can do for your body,mind, and most importantly your health. So of course, you’ll miss out on a few sessions here and there but that’s not the end. Get up and hustle harder.

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