Meet Whitney

Hi I’m Whitney. I am an athlete, creator, all around fashion lover, and swimwear designer. I started blogging back in 2012 while playing professional volleyball overseas. I am still playing volleyball, but after a bad ankle injury I play sitting volleyball with the USA Women's Sitting Volleyball Team.

I’ve been an athlete since I was a child starting out as a ballerina.  Art and creating have always been apart of who I am. I started studying and working in fashion shortly after my ankle injury in 2014. With the ups and downs of my ankle injury I have been blessed with many new doors opening in the fashion world. I attended School of Style in New York City and graduated from the program in 2014. Soon after I began working on projects as a style intern to Kate Mossman, and April Hughes.

  am inspired by the many amazing women of the past and present trail blazers. I want to use this space to encourage and strengthen women through bits of my life, goals, happenings and perseverance in health, athletics, and fashion.