Hi, I'm Wyatt.

Welcome to my blog On Wyatt Style. On Wyatt Style was born out of my love for style, creativity and a way of self expression.

Through On Wyatt style I hope to empower women to be their best selves. I believe in uncovering our inner goddess- fearless and confident. Style greatly helps in expressing that, for most, an untouched power.

All things Wyatt Style are activewear, athleisure, tall styles and empowerment pieces.

Activewear, because I have been an athlete all my life. As a former professional volleyball player and a current trainee of the USA paralympic volleyball program, training my body and fitness are a part of me. It comes as no surprise to want to add some style to the clothes you can find me in most on a day to day basis. I'm not a trainer but I love exploring all forms of activity some of my favorites are swimming and yoga, aside from weight training. I love to push my body to do new things with top style, and performance activewear.

My personal style is sporty chic, a bit of a feminine tomboy, but on a rare occasion going glam can be my jam. Athleisure best describes my personal style. My approach to looking and feeling my best is wearing what makes me feel good and comfortable in who I am. Standing at 6'3 it has been a struggle all my life to find clothes that REALLY show my personal style. At my height, you often take what you can get, but style shouldn't be bias to size and structure, all women have something to bring to the table of style. I have to do it one time and always for my tall sisters with style, here I share my outfit inspirations, and personal looks that I find for tall bodies.

My goal is for On Wyatt Style to serve as a way to empower others through style and self confidence. I believe in passion, purpose, and finding your space in this big world.