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Beauty / Aug 24, 2016 / 0 Comments

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Through all my years of competitive sports,  a thought such as “how great it would be if there was a makeup specifically designed for athletic women” has definitely crossed my mind. It isn’t ideal to go into a competition with a full face of make up but at times you want a little extra coverage. Maybe, even just a product that you can wear that makes you feel a little more beautiful when you enter the playing field. Whether on the court, weight room, or studio, you simply want to dominate. We ain’t got time to be foolin’ with our faces while we are focusing on plays and performance.

Unless it’s a product specifically designed with the active women in mind, it most likely won’t make the cut. It won’t hold up to the demands of sweat, heat and most importantly skin health. Ladies you’ve been there with me, on the occasions you do work out with makeup on and it magically ends up EVERYWHERE except still on your face. You end up looking like the mask from Scream!

But is it too much to wish that there was a foundation friendly for when you sweat?


Lo and behold there is! Sweat Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand designed for the active women. It’s main product is a powder brush that comes in 5 different shades in a conveniently compact container. The built-in synthetic brush allows you to just sweep the powder through your face. It also has UV Protection at SPF 30, it’s all cruelty-free and free of any and all harmful chemicals. It not only helps prevent your skin from damage, it helps better the condition of your skin! It’s natural, compact, and designed for active beauty.

A powder to keep you fresh and feel pretty while you check off your goals one by one. But really does it stand the test of sweat? Yes, it comes with with 80 mins of water resistance. I wore Sweat Cosmetics for a full week during my workouts from weigh training, yoga, volleyball drills in the Arizona heat, and even for 25min in the dry sauna. Once I dabbed away the sweat the make up was still in place. The makeup was easily removed using makeup remover wipes or micellar water.


My skin has always been susceptible to breaks outs especially when combining sweat and makeup which has led me to use more makeup to cover up, and guess what that led to?? Yes, more breakouts!! Over time my skin has cleared and while using Sweat Cosmetics I didn’t experience any irritation, or breakouts. This product is a win win for me and I recommend it to all of my athlete/active friends.

I’m excited to try the bronzer, highlighter and makeup wipes, I will keep you updated when I do.

What:Mineral Foundation #400- for tawny to deep skin

Where: Here

How Much: $42.00

Do I recomend?: Yes, 2 thumbs up. Perfect for women who want a touch of cover while living an active life. Clean, convenient and all natural.

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Photos by Chris Berry find of more of his work at @mikmaan

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    Happy shopping, ladies!

    Thank you to Jet Set.Photography on these fun photos. See more of their work on instagram here.