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AthleisureBeautyHair / May 19, 2016 / 0 Comments
I decided to round up some of my favorite and stylish hair dos that take you from your workout to the street with minimal work. I like to operate off the whole “when you look good you feel good, when you feel good you play good” saying. Why wouldn’t you want to hit the gym in a hassle-free, fly updo, and leave your workout just as bomb? Here I’m showing you my 4 athleisure hairstyles you can wear in and out of a workout session.

Cornrows/Boxer braidsIMG_7741


IMG_7734 (1)Boxer braids are the latest craze, but have been one of my favorites for years. Braids keep your hair away from your face while getting your sweat on. They might take some getting used to if you aren’t a regular braid wearer. However, with the right products and styling, this style is a winner.




IMG_7397Buns are another sleek way to keep your hair off your face and are also chic outside the gym. I always find buns to be polished and ballerina-esk. But, the more buns the funkier! You can choose from one bun, two buns, or even three buns!




IMG_6999The pineapple style is my go-to in and out of the gym. This is PERFECT for curly girls. It’s funky and keeps those curls intact. All you have to do is give a fluff of the fro and go.

Headband + ponytailIMG_7652


IMG_7684Add some flava to your hair with a headband. Keep your bangs (or any unnecessary hair) away from your face by pulling it back with a headband. You really can never go wrong with a classic pony.

There are many more hairstyles you can try that don’t steal your style and are hassle free for working out
Tell me yours down below!