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This is what happened to my ankle

Wyatt / Jul 20, 2016 / 0 Comments

I had been fighting and working my hardest through my last professional volleyball season.

Some seasons are better than others and with each new team, new coach and new environment comes new challenges. Challenges were nothing new to me when it came to volleyball. I have been the least experienced, and often the least (volleyball) skilled the majority of my career. I started at what is considered a late age. I was 16 yrs old. I taught myself to find my strengths in the game and elements that separated me from others and worked really hard at those. I had to be patient with myself and always reminded myself that experience CANNOT be taught, It has to be EXPERIENCED!

I was on a path that I thought was going to take me to greater heights and it only took 5 seconds for my entire world to change. I dislocated my ankle in my first practice with my new team during my last season.

After 2 ankle surgeries and a couple cortisone shots, I have made every attempt I possibly could to return to playing. After the second surgery, it became a little more eye opening that I truly had my work cut out for me. I could never have imagined not getting back to volleyball.

Everyday, I am in pain. I look down to a baseball that is sitting on the side of my foot, the hip of my “good” leg hurts and is tight and because of the slight limp I walk with and the difference in the length of my legs causes my back to always ache. The cartilage in my ankle is gone and I have arthritis. At 28, I need an ankle replacement. Daily, I have to push through the reality of what has happened to my once well functioning body.

When I say that I have cried, I. HAVE. CRIED. Why me? Did I not appreciate my talents enough? is this injury preparing me for something greater to accomplish?

What I have found out from this injury is that: I am more than a score board, I am more than stats, I am more than drills, I am more than being a good jumper, I am more than 2 practices a day, I am more than ice baths, I am more than a bad game, I am more than inexperience, I am more than potential, I am more than a missed serve, I am more than a name on a roster. I am more than anything volleyball ever told me that I was . It was the belief in myself that I was ever capable of achieving those things that told me who I was. I AM CAPABLE.

Through the physical pain and the mental exhaustion of not knowing what’s next, this injury still came with really beautiful moments. I have become bold in areas I never thought I would have been. I have educated myself and found how important investing in myself is. I am more appreciative of EVERYTHING, any small thing I find a way to appreciate it. I have worked in the corporate world, and dealt with “real” people. Volleyball was a safe place for me. It was a comfort zone. I knew it would be there when I woke up in the morning I knew it was still there when I was angry. Volleyball always let me be me no matter what version of me showed up that day. FYI, working in the corporate world isn’t as forgiving if you show up as a different version of yourself ;).

One of my favorite quotes is “every next level of your life will demand a different you.” It’s a phrase I keep close when uncertainty seems to be bigger than my hopes. Whenever I’m in those situations of major change and feel like I’m struggling, I’ve found a stillness in my fears because I know I’m leveling up.

Resiliency comes from the mental capacity to adapt to any situation and over come the bad, no matter how un-aligned it can be from what we asked from the universe. When nothing is certain, anything can happen. The biggest part is, these narratives don’t come one time in our lives. We’ll have little slumps, moments of discouragement, it’s not one big story of failure and the rest is eternal success. Oftentimes, you’ll have to struggle with yourself to get through – a bunch of times.  Helen Keller said it best with her quote, “although the world is full of suffering…it is also full of the overcoming of it” Applying that in my personal life has shown me how CAPABLE I am, for every struggle I face I look for the areas I can learn from it and the hidden gifts and the ways I can overcome.



  • A story about the most comfortable bra

    June 25, 2016


    Hold up! is that a swim top? is that a sportsbra? NOOO, its Leisurée aka the most comfortable bra out there. It's part athleisure part lingerie ALL comfort and style. To keep it real with you guys, for me this might be the best concept since...ever! I am a woman of many bras, my mum was the go-to bra lady around town. She worked as a bra specialist at Victoria Secret for 13 years. THIRTEEN YEARS!!! You know how many bras that equals? I had the rare ones, the limited additions, the new ones... and I always resorted to my sports bras in my everyday wear and when those where dirty I'd find myself wearing bikini tops under my clothes (maybe because in college I preferred going to football games than doing laundry) and all I wanted was a comfortable bra. I've grown up a little since then, and I'm a deep believer in securing one's foundation in order to reach great heights. Like in our day to day living, if we do not show up first to ourselves, we cannot show up fully for others. It all starts with the core.

    And that is why LIVELY is a game changer.

    You have to secure the foundation of your clothes, and that means your underwear! Your undergarments are one of the most important pieces of clothing you should definitely invest in. Tell me why it's such a relief to come home and take your bra off? Firstly, why does that one action feel like you just released the weight of the world?? I'll tell you why, it was because that underwire from that bra you got a year ago has been piercing you in your side boob all day. You are a great employee, a beautiful mother, and an awesome girlfriend. Don't let underwire turn you into a monster. Don't let your bra get your panties in a twist!! I have felt your pain, that is why I'm very excited to share with you a brand that I didn't hesitate to invest in. WEAR LIVELY

    This brand makes me feel myself, I am most myself when I am comfortable. Lively has had a great deal of experience with lingerie manufacturing so you're sure you're only getting the best of the best! What I find the best among it all, is the message that it sends to all the women out there. This is confidence, support, and strength in a piece of clothing we use on a day to day basis. This is an everyday reminder of who we are and what we can become.

    I think what makes this brand truly remarkable is that it embodies a modern woman's drive. LIVELY is inspired by sexy, smart, healthy, and active women. What makes them different from the rest? They take the best out of the aesthetic lines of lingerie, activewear, and swimwear - fuse it together.

    But really, Lively is empowerment in a garment. The brands that I share with you here are brands that I believe in and would recommend to my personal friends, and since we are all friends here and I shared with you my dirty laundry habits from college I'm recommending this brand to you. I havent even mentioned the great prices that this comfort and style comes at and if use the code LIVELYWYATT at the checkout you can recieve $10 off!!!


    Happy shopping, ladies!

    Thank you to Jet Set.Photography on these fun photos. See more of their work on instagram here.

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  • Nesh NYC

    June 6, 2016

    The universe knows how much downtime, de-stressing, and self-care we need on a daily basis. Life's demands are tougher when you know what you want and hustle towards it. Great things come at a price and I know your feels, which is why i'm so happy to be talking about this brand with you.

    Nesh NYC.
    IMG_8581Nesh is short for Ganesha. Now if you're into yoga or Hinduism, you'd recognize Ganesha as the god who removes obstacles. The elephant-headed god is said to be the deva of arts, sciences, and innovation. That most certainately resonates with me.

    Nesh NYC speaks to me because of its goal - and that's to remove any obstacle for any woman who strives for innovation each day of her life. It's the daily support, the every day motivation for any go-getting, entrepreneurial woman out to get the world. Sounds like the battle cry of On Wyatt Style.

     I am all for women empowerment, maximizing your energy to make a difference and I want my clothing to do just that. I want my clothing to help me spin, stretch, and move, to get the best out of everyday - of course without compromising the most important thing: style. You want your clothes to fit your purpose. You want your clothes to embody you. Power, versatility, ability, with the right amount of sass. That's what I need. Teaming up with Nesh NYC I was able to take this brand with me through my daily activities from workout to errands to casual evening without missing a beat in my style.

    These pieces I'm wearing from Nesh are sheer PERFECTION for summer. This sleeveless vest looks bomb transitioning from your workout back into the real world.

    Sure this looks like a simple midi black dress. But let me remind you that this fabric is organic, light weight, is super chic dressed up or down aaaaaand IT HAS POCKETS. I had his dress on for about 30 minutes before I made this discovery; total game changer. This dress reigns high on my summer uniform favorites.

    Nesh NYC is more than athleisure. It's more than a coming together of aesthetics and fabrics, it's a story - a principle, a motto. Everywear. Everywhere.


    Photos taken by Maxwell Gay

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